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6900 Louis-H Lafontaine
Anjou (Quebec)  H1M 2T2


This section presents testimonials from people who have chosen to do business with us. These comments are authentic and can be verified upon request. In order to ensure confidentiality, we purposely withheld customers’ personal information. Perhaps you’ll find your comments here one day.

« I’ve never seen such a large selection of vehicles priced at $6000 or less. I went to other dealers, but they only offered 2 or 3 models. At Fortier Occasion, there were so many options to choose from, that I couldn’t make up my mind. I finally picked a Ford Focus. Thank you Fortier Occasion. I am a very satisfied customer. »

— Maxime Fraser, Repentigny.

« I will never buy a car from an individual again. I think anyone with a tight budget looking for a pre-owned vehicle should go to Fortier… I found hundreds of vehicles at a low price ($6000 or less) that came with a 1-year warranty. Also, the saleswoman treated me as if I were buying a new car. »

— Mélanie Veilleux, Brossard.

« One Saturday morning, I made my way to Fortier $6,000 and Less. I had seen the Pontiac Sunfire I wanted online, but only had a $2,500 budget. My salesman was very kind. I test-drove the car and bought it instantly, putting the whole amount on my credit card. I was even able to leave with it right away because it had already received a safety inspection. Now, I refer my friends to Fortier Auto without any hesitation »

— Pascal Lemieux, Varennes.

« I never got a loan from the bank before, and thanks to Fortier Occasion, I found a car at a very low price and received financing for it right away! »

— Lyne Lafontaine, Charlemagne.

« Great selection, inspected vehicles, a 1-year warranty on a $5,000 car, the previous owner’s information and certification proving the accuracy of the mileage. I am very satisfied with my purchase at Fortier Occasion. »

— Lorenzo Cacciatore, Montréal.

« My grandfather bought his new cars at Fortier. He has always been very satisfied, so I was confident buying my car there as well, even though it was not brand new. Whether or not it’s a low-cost vehicle, I know Fortier Auto is a reliable dealership. »

— Gregory Thompson, Joliette.

« I purchased my car at Fortier Occasion, $6,000 and Less, because they did not hesitate when I asked if my mechanic could inspect the car. I am very satisfied with my vehicle. »

— Patrick Boulet, Anjou.

« I was looking for a car that would cost about $1,000 because I didn’t think I could get any kind of financing due to personal bankruptcy. Not only did I receive financing at Fortier, but I bought a Hyundai Accent, in excellent condition, for $5,500! Thank you Fortier, especially to the saleswoman for her patience and great tips. »

— Hugo St-Pierre, Trois-Rivières.

« I found what I was looking for at Fortier and paid $1,000 less than what I expected. The car also had less mileage than the one I almost purchased from an individual. I prefer buying a car from a dealership than from a complete stranger. »

— Bruno Durocher, Montréal.